About The Wilbins Group

Wilbins Group, Inc. CEO, Rick Wilbins
Rick Wilbins, CEO

The Wilbins Group is an executive consultancy helping owners and CEOs protect and grow their companies, including acquiring management talent critical to success.  The Wilbins Group is led by CEO Rick Wilbins, an accomplished, change-driven Fortune 100 executive with a consistent record of break-through achievements globally.  Rick is an expert executive consultant with broad experience in Brand Development and Advocacy, Business Development and Sales, Corporate Citizenship, Entertainment Development, Executive Consulting, Film and TV Development, Influence and Power Mapping, Leadership Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Strategy and Policy Development, and Third-Party Advocacy.

Rick Wilbins has recruited, hired and managed large high-performance global teams in more than 40 countries with $150 million budgets, negotiated multimillion-dollar entertainment sponsorship deals, and forged dozens of critical business partnerships. His understanding of the chemistry and composition of high-performance teams means he is immediately able to determine his clients’ precise needs and laser-focus the search process to ensure the right candidates are identified and discovered quickly.  As a franchise owner of Patrice & Associates, one of the nation’s largest Executive Search firms, Rick is supported by an elite team of recruiters — the best of the best — the top 10% — from more than 200 recruiters in 120 offices across the US and in Canada.

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