WG Film Studios is an entertainment company specializing in developing and producing films and series based on true stories.  It is a strategic partner to Torfoot Films, LLC, a leading independent film and TV production company founded by Director Johnathan Brownlee (www.torfoot.com).

Our Approach

Many entertainment films and series based on true stories are, in fact, far from it.  The films are “adapted” — often without the consent of the people involved — to the point at which the film is nothing like the original story, much to the great and lasting disappointment of authors, original screenwriters, families, and friends.

WG Film Studios, with our filmmaking partner Torfoot Films, is dedicated to developing and producing movies and series that respect the original story and make the people involved proud to be associated with the final product.  We are constantly sought out by those who tell us they have been “burned” in past attempts to have a film made.

Rick Wilbins, CEO